Community Consultation 2011

The community consultation report was commissioned by the Church in the Mount Befriending Service and funded by the Parish Development Fund.  The Church in the Mount Befriending Service was established in May 2002 as a result of the “Church without Walls” programme (funded by Tear Fund), as a result of a community consultation. At the time it was agreed to undertake a community review at least once every five years to reflect on issues, changes and opportunities in the community.  However due to a lack of resources we have never attempted it until now.

The review has also been brought about at this time as a result of a number of concerned individuals from the community, voluntary groups, agencies and Local Authority staff concerned regarding the merger of the two local churches and the potential sale of one of the buildings.  This building provided space for numerous groups in the community.  The Befriending Service Management Team had also been approached by a lead officer from Glasgow City Council to look at the possibility of forming a new group, e.g. a Development Trust.  However, it was felt in the first instance we should talk to the community to find out how residents feel about the area.

We endeavoured to:

  • Find out if local people took part in any activities, groups or clubs within their area
  • Find out what local people would like to see in their area in terms of activities, groups or clubs
  • Find out this information and if a need was identified, this engagement would be preparation for a more substantial piece of work e.g. a feasibility study, which would be carried out in the near future in relation to forming a Development Trust.  

If you would like to read the finished report, you can view or download a copy below

16 Aug 2011, 12:00