About Befriending

Research has shown that befriending is not a radical solution to social exclusion.  It does not seek to tackle root causes of disadvantage and does little to challenge untenable situations.
However, for some participants the work of Befrienders does improve the worst aspects of isolation and exclusion from community participation.  Befriending has been found to make a valued and valuable contribution to people's lives. 
Befriending can help to provide the social and emotional support that a person, who is isolated or disadvantaged as a result of a long-term illness or condition, may require.  As part of a wider care package of support, befriending can help build resilience to adversity, increase social networks and provide support to amenities or access to other services, helping to improve future mental health and well-being.
Developing opportunities for people who have care and support needs to participate fully in community life is central to not only building social capital within communities but also to improving their health and well-being.  Approaches like our Befriending Service can help people develop and extend their social networks.  It help them connect with their local communities and provide them with a sense of purpose essential in helping Glasgow City Community Planning Partners develop a community rich in social capital.
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8 Dec 2011, 03:27